This week we’re highlighting the AeroPress brewing method. The AeroPress is a truly unique and innovative invention that produces an incredibly smooth and flavorful cup, without the acidity found in traditional drip brewing methods. Coffee aficionados are raving about the great coffee that comes out of this little brewer.

Due to its use of pressure for extraction, the AeroPress produces a cup similar to coffee brewed from an espresso machine due to its concentration, highlighting any chocolate and/or fruit notes within the bean.  As the AeroPress pushes water through the coffee and out the filter, pressure is maintained by a rubber seal. Because of this pressure, brewing will take place regardless of temperature, so the water does not necessarily need to be as hot as pour over or French press brewing methods. There is a lot of room for some fun experimentation with water temperature, so play with it as it suits you!

To use the AeroPress, grind 15-17.5 grams of coffee to about the a little more fine as you would use for an auto drip brewer or a pour over (Note: if you’re using a reusable metal filter, grind the coffee as you would regular drip coffee). Wet the paper filter (if using) and place it in the filter container. Place the AeroPress on the cup with the filter container facing the bottom of the cup. Put the ground coffee in and slowly pour in just enough water to saturate the grounds to allow it to bloom for about 30 seconds. Don’t worry about water dripping through! Once the bloom has finished, fill the AeroPress to the top with water, give a stir or two, and then put the rubber seal on the top of the press chamber. The rubber seal creates a vacuum inside the chamber, so no water will drip out once the seal is in place. Let the coffee brew for about one to three minutes (there is room for experimentation with brewing time, causing acidity level to vary) and then press the rubber plunger down to the filter container. Once you hear it hissing, stop pushing! Otherwise you will risk over-extraction and a more bitter cup of coffee.

To clean, unlock the filter chamber and give the plunger one final push to pop the puck of grounds out into the trash and give it a good rinse! That’s all that is needed to make a great cup of coffee!

The AeroPress is ideal for camping and/or traveling because it is small and compact, easy to clean, and doesn’t need electricity to brew! The AeroPress makes it easy to get as close to espresso-style coffee as you can on the go! And the best thing, it will last forever!

We sell the AeroPress at Savaya, so come buy one and allow our baristas to give you a full demonstration! It truly is an amazing brewing method!