Here is a coffee tip for everyone!  It is best to store coffee in a glass or ceramic airtight container. The kind with the rubber seal is ideal. Store it in a cool dry place, but not near the oven or anywhere that gets direct sun, as those places will get too hot.   

To store whole bean: ideally it is best to keep coffee in whole bean form as long as possible. Grind a small amount before brewing. When coffee is in whole bean form it prevents oxygen from getting into the cells inside each individual coffee bean. The airtight container is another layer of protection from oxygen, further preventing oxidative breakdown of the coffee. In whole bean form the coffee stored in this way can remain fresh for up to six weeks.

To store ground coffee: Ground coffee also needs to be stored in an airtight glass container away from light and heat. Ideally one would buy ground coffee in smaller amounts to make sure it is as fresh as possible. If not stored properly, after four days, the flavor will degrade dramatically.

Note, part of the importance of storing ground coffee in an airtight container is because it readily absorbs moisture and odors. This is one of the issues with storing ground coffee in the refrigerator or freezer. Moisture in the form of frost can build up inside the container, but if the ground coffee is stored in a truly airtight container—the kind with a rubber seal and clasp—and put in a place in the refrigerator that is away from the bulb and other foods, then that should keep the ground coffee fresher for about one week longer.