PANAMA La Berlina Baby Geisha - 8 oz.

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A unique, exquisite, and very rare coffee - zesty citrus, notes of jasmine and bergamot with a delicate mouthfeel. Panama Geisha is prized around the world for it's award winning distinct taste.

Geisha is often associated with Panama, where it first shot to fame - but it has actually only been grown there since the 1960s. In fact Geisha’s story began several decades earlier in Ethiopia, when it was ‘discovered’ in the 1930s in the mountains around the southwestern town of Gesha. 

Our organic Geisha is the epitome of specialty coffee. La Berlina Baby Geisha is an heirloom varietal from the Boquete region of Western Panama. If you ask any true coffee aficionado about this coffee, their ears perk up!  It is renowned in the coffee world.

To say we are excited to share what is revered as the world's best coffee is an understatement. We are humbled each time it is roasted.

It's so remarkable that a star forms in the sky with every sip of geisha. Sip for the stars!

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