KONA RainForest Farms Organic Reserve - 8 oz.

We have been thrilled to offer different Kona coffees lately. This one, especially, we are very excited for! We are the first coffee roasters to receive this coffee. RainForest Farms currently roasts their own coffee, which sends coffee to Iron Chef Morimoto and the White House. This Kona coffee is the highest quality from the farm with a screen size of 19. 
After tasting it for the first time, we could see why it is chosen for such superior taste. The coffee quality can be not only be recognized through your palate, but seen visually with the large, flawless bean.  Definitely one to keep on hand for the holidays or to surprise a coffee lover with! 
Cupping Notes: Rich, caramel aroma, smells like candy; deep, complex cup;
thick, oily, coating body, deeply fruited: black cherry, plum, bakers chocolate and caramel sweetness fades into woody/earthy finish; smooth, savory aftertaste.

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