Guatemala Finca Ceylan - 1 lb.

Cupping Notes: Honey, floral, nougat, buttery mouthfeel

Since 1870, Finca Ceylan has been a property of the Echeverria Family, producing and processing coffee. The farm hires mostly local labor, generating jobs for people in town. Banana trees were originally planted as shade trees for the coffee and then became an important alternative crop for the farm.
The farm maintains the river basin and the natural vegetation that grows nearby. The farm has various water sources which been protected. Hunting and fishing are prohibited to conserve natural flora and fauna. The coffee residues for the wet mill are used as organic fertilizer in the coffee plantation, creating a self sufficient system. The farm has a natural forest which has been protected to conserve the different species of trees, plants, and animals in that ecosystem.

Finca Ceylan has contributed to the community by building houses, supplying drinkable water and educating its employees and children.


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