Connoisseur's Cup - 16 oz.

Just when you thought drinking coffee in your P.J.s at home couldn't get any more snazzy!

Why is the Connoisseur's Cup the perfect mug to sip your favorite Savaya coffee from, you ask?

  • Handcrafted by HF Coors, these mugs are made, not only in the USA, but in the quaint, Sonoran desert land called Tucson. You may be familiar...
  • They are 16 ounces, just like in our coffee markets.
  • They aren't loud and crazy like most mugs. They are the perfect balance of sophistication & fun to hold your organic, single-origin coffee you just french pressed.
  • They are a nice weight and feel great in your coffee-loving hands.

After all, you are a coffee sophisticate and all.

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