Yunnan ManLao River 1LB

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From the mountains of the Yunnan province in China comes this delicious and unique coffee. The ManLao River was originally started as an environmental protection project in the early 1990s, and still focuses on the same ideals through coffeeWith flavor notes brought by the pure, ginseng-rich waters of the ManLao river. There is no question why this unique coffee was the 2018 SCA portrait country and is one of the fastest growing specialty coffee regions.

ManLao River

Tasting Notes: Intense spice-forward cup, ginseng, chardonnay, dark chocolate 

Country: China

Region: Yunnan

Size: 10,000 hectares

Altitude: 1300m to 1500m

Learn more about this coffee growing region in the words of Savaya’s owner, Burc Maruflu, here.

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