Peru La Chacra d’Dago Washed 1LB


High up in the Andes, in the Junin region, lies the small, biodynamic farm La Chacra D’dago. This farm has taken sustainable farming to the next level by creating a full ecosystems that thrive in the farm. Growing a lush forest of a variety of fruits and other plants along side the coffee attracting wildlife such as a variety of birds that help to create fertile soil for the coffee and act like as a natural pesticide. There is no need for any form of chemical fertilizer or pesticides.  This form of sustainable and organic farming shows amazing results in the outcome of the coffee, providing wonderful flavors and aromas. We are truly lucky to receive coffee from this farm.

La Chacra D’dago 

Tasting Notes: Bright, fresh pine fragrance, burnt caramel, prevalent acidity

Country: Peru 

Region: Junin 

Altitude: 1,000m

Process: Washed

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About the Coffee – Chacra D’Dago Washed

 Chacra D’dago is one of the rarest of coffee farms. Certified biodynamic, Dagoberto Marin and his sons strive to go far beyond organic fertilizers and pesticides, and work to promote an entire ecosystem.

It shows in the coffee trees that are healthy, and it shows from the forest floor rich and dense with microbial and plant life to the highest shading canopy in the trees towering above. Alive with diverse creatures and birds, the farm grows most of its own food through careful animal husbandry & working together with nature at every possible level.

Being biodynamic is the gold standard for growers who not only want the best crops, but want to preserve the balance that exists naturally.

This coffee uses a wash process, is then carefully fermented & sun dried until humidity levels are optimum for high grade specialty coffee. The coffee is a mixture of Typica, Caturra,  Catimor, Catui, & Bourbon cultivars.

Chacra D’dago has won many awards for their fine coffee, including awards from the prestigious L’Acadamie de Caféologie in France, and also the coveted Demeter award for being a biodynamic farm.

All of Savaya’s coffee are roasted in Tucson, Arizona. Our commitment to not only to the highest quality but highest ethical standards is the hallmark of our business and our goal is to have those standards reflected in every cup of Savaya coffee brewed. We package your coffee when we receive your order. This guarantees the freshest coffee for your consumption.

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Cone Drip, Espresso, French Press, Machine Drip, Turkish, Whole Bean

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