Everything you need to get started brewing delicious Kafette coffee — all in one box.

1 – Brewing Machine by Beko 

Enjoy classic Turkish coffee from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy the rich flavors of traditional coffee at the push of a button. Manufactured by Beko, the largest producer of premium electronics in Europe, Kafette is pleased to introduce this all-digital, one-button Kafette Coffee machine (for the first time in 110V, for use in North America). Cook Sense and Anti-spill technologies automatically ensure that your cup comes out perfect — every time.

1 – Organic Coffee (8 oz) 

Kafette sources all-organic, estate grown premium coffee beans of many varietals from high quality farms around the world. The secret to the incredible taste of Kafette is precision roasting; small batches of each varietal are profiled to determine the best roasting temperature and duration that best captures the flavor of each crop of beans.

2 – Kafette Mugs

Designed for the connoisseur, these small 3oz mugs are the perfect size for 1-2 servings of Kafette. The upward curved rim enhances the flavor of your beverage; directing delicious smells directly to your nose. 2 cups are included if you decide to share with a friend.

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Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 12 in


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