GALAPAGOS ISLANDS Hacienda El Cafetal San Cristobal – 8 oz.


Cupping Notes – ultra clean cup, chocolate liqueur sweetness, earthy and nutty undertones
Newest addition to our reserve collection, we love to be able to share unique coffees with you. With a wide ranging menu at all times, we search the world for rare, specialty coffees that tell a story that not only touches your palate, but also your heart.
The Galapagos Islands produces unusual and unique coffee variety of very high quality, especially in San Cristóbal, a larger island with an abundance of pure water where the soil is very fertile and moist. The Hacienda El Cafetal Arabica coffee in the Bourbon high class level, is one of the highest quality coffee you can buy.
Regulated by local law, there are only 5,000 bags allowed for worldwide exportation each year from Hacienda El Cafetal. So we are thrilled to share this with Savayans. Hacienda El Cafetal has been cultivating coffee since 1875 when Don Manuel Cobos imported coffee from Ethiopia to start his 247 acre plantation.  However, the estate was abandoned in 1915 and the plants left unchecked until 1990 when the Gonzalez family took over the estate and began the renewal process.  Unbelievably, the coffee today is produced from the same original heirloom plants planted in 1875!  The conditions on the island are so perfect, the plants just keep rejuvenating themselves year after year.  Amazing, but true, and if you think about it, doesn’t anything seem possible from an area that hosts both penguins AND cactus!

Today, this 1000 acre estate is an ecological sanctuary and UNESCO “Patrimony of Humanity” site as a sustainable resource of the islands’ people.  The coffee ripens under the shade of other trees such as avocados, guavas, oranges, and towering cedar trees.  All stages in the entire coffee cycle from cultivation to processing follow strict environmental regulations ensuring the continued protection of this precious ecosystem.

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Hacienda El Cafetal San Cristobal – 8 oz.

All of Savaya’s coffee are roasted in Tucson, Arizona. Our commitment to not only to the highest quality but highest ethical standards is the hallmark of our business and our goal is to have those standards reflected in every cup of Savaya coffee brewed. We package your coffee when we receive your order. This guarantees the freshest coffee for your consumption.

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