Williams Centre

Our flagship store has a beginning as organic as our coffee. Growing up with his grandmother’s coffee - fresh roasted to taste - owner and visionary, Burc Maruflu, has developed a fine palate. Unable to find coffee like his grandmother’s in Tucson, he purchased a “Savaya green” roaster and found a space for its home in Williams Centre Plaza.

Roasting the coffee drew curious passersby who began to come regularly to chat with Burc, sample freshly roasted coffee and make new friends. Inspired by Burc’s history in coffee and by his friendship, people began to pitch in to help create Tucson’s first coffee market - a place where people come to purchase the widest selection of coffees from across the globe.  And so it began. A community of generous spirits that formed the original group of Savayans, through word of mouth, built a vibrant space to commune in coffee.

Our Williams Centre location officially opened on April 7, 2009 and has slowly become what it is today, complete with mesquite wood bar, beautiful mural and cafe.  Order a drink off of our chalkboard menu, drawn by a local Tucson artist. If you like what you taste, be sure to pick a pound out to take home for your brewing pleasure!

All of our locations have wifi access.