Drink Menu

In our stores we take great pride in creating drinks that will delight and amaze you. It is our goal that you would experience something exceptional each time you enjoy one of our drinks. Come in today and let us elevate your coffee expectations!

Coffee & tea


a double-shot of our Brazilian bean pulled to perfection



enjoy the espresso you love paired with our triple-filtered water for a bold, quality taste



match up your espresso with any of our 6 varieties of dairy and non-dairy milk for a satisfying beverage



the superstar of this drink is a rich and creamy foam, at least a 1/3 of your drink’s worth to be exact

$4.30 / $5.50 

Coffee of the day

coffee is meant to be had black, and we’ll prove it to you with the single origins we have out and available at any of our stores, daily


French press

our preferred method at Savaya, it presses a bean of your choice into a cup of coffee that keeps all the oils and flavors you love IN your cup



the world’s oldest coffee, perfected for today. Taste your favorite bean as a Turkish Coffee!


Chai latte

a deliciously spicy black tea, matched with one of our six dairy and non-dairy milk options



take your pick of our white, black, green, and herbal teas


Cold brew


a bodied, cold coffee without some of the oils and acidity of traditionally brewed hot coffee

$3.20 / $3.90

science coffee

a nuanced cup of Japanese-style drip cold brew

$4.00 / $5.00

Caffeine Free


hot chocolate is the most well-known steamer, but we can do that with any of our amazing syrups! Caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, and more


Herbal tea

a comforting and tasty alternative when you’re not in the mood for caffeine


Seasonal Drinks

check our in-store menus for Fall, Winter, and Summer specialties. We try to keep it interesting around here


Come on In!

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